At the Onkozentrum Hirslanden we are committed to focusing on people and their affections, and to meeting the individual needs of our patients. We offer up-to-date, scientifically based diagnosis, therapy and care for our patients with all kinds of cancer and blood disorders. Short referral routes to additional specialists within the Hirslanden Klinik guarantee a problem-centered and swift process.

Suitable to their diagnostic findings and therapies, patients with a tumour or blood disease can receive outpatient care or , for more complex approaches or in the case of complications, can be treated as an inpatient in the Hirslanden Klinik..

The large and constantly growing range of medications and methods (chemotherapy, hormones, antibodies, target-oriented therapies, immunotherapies, high-dosage-therapies with stem cell replacement) is applied individually and according to the patient’s type and stage of tumour. Thanks to intensive continued education, contacts to other cancer centers, and periodical attendance of scientific meetings, new developments in oncology are quickly available to our patients.

We are also available for second opinions and are providers for all insurance classes.