Your personal treatment and care takes place in our doctors office as an outpatient or as an inpatient in the Hirslanden Clinic. We only reach our aims as a team, together with you as our patient, our staff, and our doctors. Reciprocative trust is thereby the base of our collaboration.

We work with a multiprofessional team of attending doctors specialized in genetic counseling, complementary medicine, psycho-oncology, and pain management. If you wish so, we also include Spitex or Onko Plus. This setting allows us, together with you, to manage even very complicated situations.

Our VAT nurse and nurse for oncology Ms. Therese Donno, will also be happy to inform you about the VAT consultation, VIV-ARTE® training concept, wich you can find in our practice.

We further introduce our patients in private conversations to additional treatment and counseling options outside of the Hirslanden Clinic such as information material of the Cancer Leagues, or addresses of oncology centers, cosmeticians or hair dressers specialized in wigs. We also support you in matters of the advanced directive.